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Real Sectorsee DSBB
GDP at current prices, by production approach (seasonally adjusted annualised rates)
Agriculture, forestry and fishingR MillionQ1/181074841115335.0
Mining and quarryingR MillionQ1/18323571351330-0.1
ManufacturingR MillionQ1/185653515745275.9
Electricity and waterR MillionQ1/181621931571256.3
Construction (contractors)R MillionQ1/181725541664937.3
Wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodationR MillionQ1/186530226505617.4
Transport, storage and communicationR MillionQ1/184265514216406.4
Finance and insurance, real estate and business servicesR MillionQ1/188681988642527.2
Personal servicesR MillionQ1/182520192474816.6
General government servicesR MillionQ1/187578947613886.6
Total value added at basic pricesR MillionQ1/18428883843063306.2
GDP at market prices (current, sa)R MillionQ1/18477512547971766.4
GDP at constant 2010 prices, by production approach (seasonally adjusted annualised rates)
Agriculture, forestry and fishingR MillionQ1/18789678461719.1
Mining and quarryingR MillionQ1/18229122235158-0.4
ManufacturingR MillionQ1/183831503895171.0
Electricity and waterR MillionQ1/1865133652121.1
Construction (contractors)R MillionQ1/18108162108678-1.3
Wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodationR MillionQ1/184274744309050.6
Transport, storage and communicationR MillionQ1/182711842705931.8
Finance and insurance, real estate and business servicesR MillionQ1/186408836391352.2
Personal servicesR MillionQ1/181697301692091.3
General Government ServicesR MillionQ1/184808624787050.6
Total value added at basic pricesR MillionQ1/18285466628717301.5
GDP at market prices (constant, sa)R MillionQ1/18313989031572311.5
National Accounts - at current prices
Private consumption expenditure (sa)R MillionQ1/18287403428492857.0
Consumption expenditure by general government (sa)R MillionQ1/18100358410050447.1
Gross domestic fixed investment (sa)R MillionQ1/188881628940112.7
Change in inventories (sa)R MillionQ1/1810962703
Residual item (sa)R MillionQ1/1833580-21698
Gross domestic expenditureR MillionQ1/18480045747293458.3
Exports of goods and non-factor services (sa)R MillionQ1/18133911614614620.5
Imports of goods and non-factor services (sa)R MillionQ1/18136444813936316.8
National Accounts - at constant 2010 prices
Final consumption expenditure by household (sa)R MillionQ1/18193607219288782.8
Final consumption expenditure by general government (sa)R MillionQ1/186384766366081.2
Gross fixed capital formation (sa)R MillionQ1/186171166221250.2
Change in inventories (sa)R MillionQ1/181163310516
Residual item (sa)R MillionQ1/182780203
Gross domestic expenditure (sa)R MillionQ1/18320607631983302.7
Exports of goods and services (sa)R MillionQ1/188984999400570.2
Imports of goods and services (sa)R MillionQ1/189646859811564.2
Manufacturing Production Index (sa) Please see the statement regarding updating of info on the STATS SA website2015 = 100Jun/18100.6100.61.4
Leading indicator  (16)2010 = 100May/18105.9105.94.7
Employment (sa) Please see the statement regarding updating of info on the STATS SA website  (1)(15)2000 = 100Q1/18116.9115.60.7
Unemployment rate (nsa) Please see the statement regarding updating of info on the STATS SA website  (2)per centQ2/1827.226.7
Wages/Earnings (sa) Please see the statement regarding updating of info on the STATS SA website  (3)(15)2000 = 100Q1/18417.1414.24.5
Consumer Prices (nsa)2016/12 = 100Jun/18107.6107.24.6
Producer Prices (nsa) Please see the statement regarding updating of info on the STATS SA website2016/12 =100Jun/18107.8106.85.9
Fiscal Sectorsee DSBB
General Government Operations
Cash receipts from operating activitiesR MillionQ1/18470286441973
Cash payments for operating activitiesR MillionQ1/18424246422831
Of which: InterestR MillionQ1/185995929314
Net cash-flow from operating activitiesR MillionQ1/184604119142
Net cash-flow from investment activitiesR MillionQ1/18-36801-34948
Cash surplus/deficitR MillionQ1/189240-15806
Net cash-flow from financing activitiesR MillionQ1/18-853347103
Financial assets other than cashR MillionQ1/18-27456-9465
DomesticR MillionQ1/18-2674421838
LoansR MillionQ1/18-85-38
Other domestic financial assetsR MillionQ1/18-2665821876
ForeignR MillionQ1/1800
LiabilitiesR MillionQ1/181892356568
DomesticR MillionQ1/181892357204
Currency and depositsR MillionQ1/1855
Securities other than sharesR MillionQ1/182007456689
LoansR MillionQ1/188191386
Other domestic liabilitiesR MillionQ1/18-1970-870
ForeignR MillionQ1/180-636
Currency and depositsR MillionQ1/1800
Securities other than sharesR MillionQ1/1800
LoansR MillionQ1/180-636
Net change in the stock of cashR MillionQ1/1870731298
Central Government Operations
Revenue (nsa)R MillionJun/1814233687183
Of which: Extra-ordinary receiptsR MillionJun/18575401
Expenditure (nsa)R MillionJun/18106831103186
Of which: InterestR MillionJun/18180213262
Extra-ordinary paymentsR MillionJun/1800
Deficit (-) / Surplus (+) (nsa)R MillionJun/1835505-16003
PLUS: Cost/profit on revaluation of foreign debt at redemptionR MillionJun/180-3
Net borrowing requirementR MillionJun/1835505-16006
Treasury billsR MillionJun/18-1920-9929
Domestic government bondsR MillionJun/181589512246
Other financing  (4)R MillionJun/18-2219-3786
Non-marketable bondsR MillionJun/18-20330
Loan levyR MillionJun/1800
Foreign bonds and loansR MillionJun/18025256
Use of cash balancesR MillionJun/18-47261-7781
Total financing (nsa)R MillionJun/18-3550516006
Central Government Debt
Total gross loan debt (nsa)R MillionJun/1826079582564718
Domestic Marketable (nsa)R MillionJun/1822940452275641
BillsR MillionJun/18290427292069
BondsR MillionJun/1820036181983572
Not exceeding 1 yearR MillionJun/181594915949
Exceeding 1 but not 3 yearsR MillionJun/189330693307
Exceeding 3 but not 10 yearsR MillionJun/18524983521968
Exceeding 10 yearsR MillionJun/1813693801352348
Loan LeviesR MillionJun/1800
Domestic non-marketable (nsa)R MillionJun/183618236662
BillsR MillionJun/182474225019
BondsR MillionJun/181144011643
Floating rate bondR MillionJun/1800
Loan leviesR MillionJun/1800
Foreign DebtR MillionJun/18277711252395
MarketableR MillionJun/18274738249662
Not exceeding 1 yearR MillionJun/182402321816
Exceeding 1 but not 3 yearsR MillionJun/183284829888
Exceeding 3 yearsR MillionJun/18217867197958
Non-marketableR MillionJun/1829732734
Other Debt (nsa)  (4)R MillionJun/182020
Gold and Foreign Exchange Contingency Reserve Account (nsa)R MillionJun/18-209375-209375
Government guaranteed debt  (14)R MillionFeb/18298477298477
Financial Sectorsee DSBB
Analytical Accounts of the Banking Sector
Domestic credit to the government sector (net) (nsa)R MillionJun/18207961251764
Domestic credit to the private sector (nsa)R MillionJun/18353837635039125.68
External positionR MillionJun/18336127639
Monetary aggregate : M3 (nsa)  (5)R MillionJun/18339023933995685.77
Analytical Accounts of the Central Bank
Domestic claims on the private sector (nsa)R MillionJul/18000.00
Domestic claims on the government sector (nsa)R MillionJul/185019833284-9.02
External position - net foreign assets (nsa)R MillionJul/186472606869219.15
Reserve Money (m0) (nsa)  (6)R MillionJul/182484502444307.34
External Sectorsee DSBB
Balance of Payments  (7)
Current account (nsa)R MillionQ1/18-75063-17278
Goods: exports (nsa)R MillionQ1/18250819295049
Goods: imports (nsa)R MillionQ1/18285520293589
Services: credit (nsa)R MillionQ1/185416355972
Services: debit (nsa)R MillionQ1/185077955408
Income: credit (nsa)R MillionQ1/182919719389
Income: debit (nsa)R MillionQ1/188074748458
Current transfers: credit (nsa)  (8)R MillionQ1/1853476555
Current transfers: debit (nsa)  (8)R MillionQ1/181671816558
Capital account (nsa)R MillionQ1/186165
Capital account: credit (nsa)R MillionQ1/18105106
Capital account: debit (nsa)R MillionQ1/184441
Financial account  (9)R MillionQ1/185321450303
Direct investment abroadR MillionQ1/18-204793170
Direct investment in reporting economyR MillionQ1/1810505-13547
Portfolio investment, assetsR MillionQ1/18-15623-14460
Portfolio investment, liabilitiesR MillionQ1/188941694275
Financial derivatives, assetsR MillionQ1/185304040936
Financial derivatives, liabilitiesR MillionQ1/18-59540-39082
Other investment, assetsR MillionQ1/18-21102-533
Other investment, liabilitiesR MillionQ1/182426-5554
Reserve assetsR MillionQ1/1814571-14902
Net errors and omissionsR MillionQ1/1821788-33090
Official Reserve Assets  (10)US $ MillionJul/185051150582
IMF reserve positionUS $ MillionJul/18735737
Special drawing rightsUS $ MillionJul/1820982100
GoldUS $ MillionJul/1849285039
Foreign currency reservesUS $ MillionJul/184275042706
Other reserve assetsUS $ MillionJul/1800
Template on International Reserves and foreign currency liquidityR MillionJun/18696420643264
Merchandise Trade (nsa)  (13)
Total exports (nsa)R MillionJun/18110148102880
Total imports (nsa)R MillionJun/189814899036
International investment position as at end of quarter
AssetsR BillionQ1/1866736913
Direct investmentR BillionQ1/1832523334
Portfolio investmentR BillionQ1/1822202324
EquityR BillionQ1/1821022201
DebtR BillionQ1/18117123
Financial derivativesR BillionQ1/18105125
Other investmentR BillionQ1/18504504
Reserve assetsR BillionQ1/18593625
LiabilitiesR BillionQ1/1863126436
Direct investmentR BillionQ1/1819611934
Portfolio investmentR BillionQ1/1834703577
EquityR BillionQ1/1823792534
DebtR BillionQ1/1810911043
Financial derivativesR BillionQ1/18112137
Other investmentR BillionQ1/18769788
Net position (external financial assets minus liabilities)R BillionQ1/18361477
External debtUS $ MillionQ1/18183239173286
Exchange rates
Monthly exchange rate of the rand against the US dollarRand per USJul/1813.414513.2855
Nominal effective exchange rate  (11)2010 = 100Jul/1861.5361.41
POPULATION(mid-year estimates as at 30 June)  (12)'00020185772656522

1. Employment in the non-agricultural sectors. Back
2. Sources of basic data : Labour force survey by Statistics South Africa. Back
3. Remuneration per worker at current prices in the non-agricultural sectors. Back
4. Includes the debt and liabilities of the former TBVC-countries and self-governing states that were assumed by the national government in terms of Section 230 of the second Amendment Bill of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, as well as the liability assumed for the payment of the debts incurred by the Republic of Namibia as contemplated in Subsection (1) of Section 52C of the Exchequer Act No 66 of 1975, as amended. Back
5. Notes and coin in circulation outside the monetary sector plus all deposits of the private sector with the monetary sector. Back
6. Notes and coin in circulation outside the SARB plus required reserve balances of banks and mutual banks with the SARB. Back
7. The Reserve Bank disseminates all the main components of the balance of payments as prescribed by the sixth edition of the IMF's "Balance of Payments Manual". Back
8. Gross current transfer receipts and gross current transfer payments, as described in the sixth edition of the IMF's "Balance of Payments Manual". Back
9. Including reserve assets but excluding unrecorded transactions. Back
10. Total gross foreign reserves of the Reserve Bank. Balance as at the end of the month. Back
11. Monthly average exchange rate against the twenty most important currencies. Back
12. The mid-year estimates are based on the 2011 population census. The census for 2011 yielded an estimated population of 51.6 million people. Back
13. Preliminary figures from South African Revenue Services; not adjusted for Balance of Payments purposes. Back
14. Amounts recorded in the accounts of National Treasury are kept constant for the following three months. Back
15. This information is obtained from a discussion document published by Statistics South Africa. For more information visit STATSSA . Back
16. Components revised. See "Note on the revision of composite leading and coincident business cycle indicators" in the March 2004 Quarterly Bulletin. Previous and new indices were linked in January 1994. Back

Quarters Q1 through Q4 apply to calendar years
SARB = South African Reserve Bank
sa = seasonally adjusted
STATS SA = Statistics South Africa
SARS = South African Revenue Service
nsa = not seasonally adjusted
( ) indicates a negative percentage change