SARB - Historical Exchange Rates (Daily)
Historical Exchange Rates (Daily)
IndicatorValueLast PeriodMovement
Selected exchange rates
Rand per US Dollar17.34672020-08-05
Rand per British Pound22.66702020-08-05
Rand per Euro20.48302020-08-05
Australia: Dollar per Rand0.08022020-08-05
Botswana: Pula per Rand0.67312020-08-05
Brazil: Real per Rand0.30502020-08-05
Canada: Dollar per Rand0.07662020-08-05
China: Yuan per Rand0.40082020-08-05
Denmark: Krone per Rand0.36372020-08-05
Hong Kong: Dollar per Rand0.44682020-08-05
India: Rupee per Rand4.31992020-08-05
Israel: Shekel per Rand0.19712020-08-05
Japan: Yen per Rand6.09602020-08-05
Malawi: Kwacha per Rand42.79482020-08-05
New Zealand: Dollar per Rand0.08682020-08-05
Norway: Krone per Rand0.52382020-08-05
Russia: Rouble per Rand4.22512020-08-05
Sweden: Krona per Rand0.50282020-08-05
Switzerland: Franc per Rand0.05262020-08-05
Taiwan: NT Dollar per Rand1.69252020-08-05
Thailand: Baht per Rand1.78852020-08-05
Zambia: Kwacha per Rand1.05242020-08-05
South Korea: Won per Rand68.52522020-08-05
Nominal effective exchange rate76.292020-08-05
Exchange rates for other currencies
Euro per USA-dollar (EUR) Middle rate0.84692020-08-05
US dollar against pound sterling (GDP) Middle rate1.30672020-08-05
US dollar against the Australian dollar (AUD) Middle rate0.71862020-08-05
Swiss franc against the US dollar (CHF) Middle rate0.91242020-08-05
Other interest rates
Repo rate3.502020-08-05
Prime lending rate (predominant rate)7.002020-08-05
Interbank rate2.002020-08-05
Treasury bills - 91 day (tender rates)3.882020-08-04
Historical Exchange Rates (Monthly)
IndicatorValueLast PeriodMovement
Selected exchange rates
Nominal effective exchange rate against the most important currencies (Index: 2015=100)80.08Jul, 2020
Real effective rate against the most important currencies (Index: 2015=100)92.97May,2020
Other interest rates
Real prime lending rate4.94Jun, 2020
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